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About the restaurant

As a guest of The Butchers Arms Bed & Breakfast you will be able to enjoy some of the best dishes of English cuisine, cooked with dedication and care by the restaurant staff. The inn has actually gained a serious reputation for tasty food and the owners have always made sure that only the best cooks in the area land a job in the establishment’s kitchen.

If you find yourself in Carhampton during lunch time, then you should go straight to The Butchers Arms, where a special menu of freshly cooked dishes awaits you. Here, you will be able to enjoy traditional recipes like the Shepherd’s Pie, the Steak and Kidney pudding or the Yorkshire pudding. A healthy meal is sure to leave you with a big smile on your face, and with the desire to stay for dinner as well.

In the evening, The Butchers Arms Restaurant treats its visitors to a large variety of roasted meats, vegetables and potatoes. The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant and the delicious dishes will make you feel as if you were part of a medieval royal feast. The place does not have minstrels bursting through the doors, singing their merry tunes, but it has all the other ingredients to make you feel like a prestigious member of the royal court.

A special children’s menu is always available, but the kids will not stop at ordering only a flavorful meal, cooked especially for them. The dessert menu is sure to attract their attention with a wide selection of pastries, custards and sweet pies. The evening meal is the perfect way to end the day at The Butchers Arms before heading to sleep in one of the welcoming quarters of the inn. The next day, however, you are invited again to the table for a traditional Full English Breakfast.